reform of the Chinese academy of education. Thirty football teams from 16 experimental districts in 12 provinces participated in the competition, including 13 in junior high school and 17 teams in primary

school. Based on the competition, the institute of Chinese academy of science and technology has carried out special investigation and test research on the establishment of football courses and football

skill level in the experimental area.

The school football classes in the experimental area are in good condition. According to the survey, as a national school football characteristic school, 16 experimental districts have achieved the goal of

setting up football courses. On the whole, there are 62.5 percent of the schools that meet the weekly football classes. Among them, the best one is primary school, middle school and high school. Survey

shows that, due to the abundant academic pressure is small, physical education, elementary school football characteristic school for football lesson a week there is no problem, the junior middle school,

high school is relatively poor, the main factor of restriction of junior middle school, high school football course is less total hours per week and teacher professionalism is not high, in order to meet

the requirements of the high school football courses, some schools to explore in high school soccer module teaching way, in order to solve the football class didn't have enough time and the problem of

shortage of teachers.

The survey found that the level of football skills of students in the experimental area has steadily improved over the past two years. In China to teach science college campus football league every team,

players from experimental area of the same middle school or primary school, in accordance with the principle of not allow cross-school and selected in the team, the players are all team for the normal


With reference to the ministry of education issued by the "standard of student football athlete skill level", teach science college campus in the football league in China, a reverse layup design pass the

ball, the ball 10 meters, instep positive bounce the ball, dribbling round rod shooting 4 test. Test results show that the primary sections 11, 12 years old age group students, compared with 2016 in 2017,

four groups compared three groups of indicators showed a trend of level, just pass a ball, index below 2016 in 2017. In the first group, the group of 14 and 15 years of age group, compared with 2016, the

four groups showed the level of improvement. In particular, there is a significant improvement on the two indexes of the ball and the ball around the ball, which reflects the trend of improving football

skill level of the players.