Because the frequency will increase, not merely the attributes of your oscilloscoe but also the characteristics with the robe grow to be critical. assive robes are usually restricted to 600MHz, which means you require a robe which will choose whole gain of your resective oscilloscoe. The method bandwidth, or erhas the bandwidth on the oscilloscoe / robe mixture, is restricted by the smaller with the two bandwidths. For examle, a 1GHz oscilloscoe combined with a 500MHz assive robe offers a rogram bandwidth of 500MHz. If you only get yourself a 500MHz bandwidth for your robe, buying a 1GHz oscilloscoe is actually a squander.Connecting the robe hels make it comonent of the circuit below examination. The ti from the robe is largely a short transmission line.

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This transmission line is undoubtedly an LC resonant circuit, that's driven at 1/4 wavelength along with the LC resonant circuit's imedance is ushed minimal (near to zero) to load the gadget below take a look at. The slow rise time and sign ringing hel it become straightforward to see the load within the LC resonant circuit.By combining an lively robe having a "daming" resistor or accessory for the robe suggestion to minimize signal loading and resulting signal distortion, the "daming" accent can hel cut down the imedance from the LC resonant circuit. It does not go too very low and avoids ringing and sign distortion induced by loading the signal.Also, the frequency reaction with the robe is flat over the robe's bandwidth when utilizing the ?°daming?± accessory. A flat reaction will stay away from distortion in the sign around the comlete robe bandwidth.

Following, when robing high seed indicators, use the robe head accessory to view if the robe can rovide the entire bandwidth. Make use of a robe bandwidth-otimized robe by using a managed transmission line involving the robe amlifier and also the robe idea to make use of only one amlifier for browsing, sockets, soldering, SMA, and many others. You can link a number of differential / single-ended robe heads to guarantee comrehensive method bandwidth. Also, the robe amlifier is really divided with the robe ti through the handle transmission line, making it easy to succeed in tight robing areas.It is vital that you know the robe bandwidth secifications when emloying many robe heads and extras. Accessories can imair robe erformance. Even a broadband active robe that exenditures a huge selection of many dollars may have considerable erformance degradation, according to the robing configuration.

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